Backed by nearly twenty years of solid experience, Les Habitations P.L. Langevin is honoured to provide its clients with a turnkey service for the construction of new homes. Our expertise in construction enables us to offer a customized service and our extensive knowledge of the region where we operate (Montérégie and the West Island) helps us guide our customers in making the best choice for them. We recognize that we are not simply building houses, but homes where our clients hope to find comfort and happiness and where families can grow and thrive. We adopt a human and personalized approach, working closely with our clients in order to truly meet their needs, their wishes and their expectations and to respect their tastes and budgets. For each of our builds, we ensure the quality of the materials and of the work as well as the competence of our subcontractors. This is the modus operandi of every employee working for Les Habitations P.L. Langevin, both those working on the construction sites and within the administration. The continuous training and professional development of our team, our skills and our friendly approach, combined with our experience, can only result in making your dream a reality – the dream of owning a new warm and inviting family home. One of the most important investments that you will make in your lifetime is the purchase of a new home. So, why not entrust its construction to our experienced and dedicated team?




Les Habitations P.L. Langevin Inc. is accredited by the Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR) and is also an accredited Novoclimat.

R.B.Q.  8333-0787-36